The RTV-24 acquisition board is designed without compromise for machine vision and video surveillance applications. They are the ideal devices for PC-based multiple-channel vision application. The supported resolution is programmable and includes square-pixel (640 x 480 or 768 x 576) and broadcast resolution. Before captured images are transferred to the PC's memory, images can be scaled down using available selectable ratios. System integrators also benefit from a watchdog for fault-tolerant applications and easy-to-use standard connectors.

[Software Support]

  • Windows® Platform
    -Available for Windows® Vista (64/32-bit)/XP/XP
    -Available for Microsoft® DirectX®
    -Recommended programming environments: C#/.NET/VC++/VB/C++ Builder/Delphi
    -Sample programs included

  • LabVIEW® VIs
    Angelo-LVIEW: LabVIEW® Driver Support for ADLINK Frame Grabbers

    ADLINK's Angelo-LVIEW interface software packages contain libraries with many virtual instruments (VIs) acting as the interface between ADLINK DLLs and LabVIEW. Developers familiar with LabVIEW™ can easily take advantage of LabVIEW's intuitive graphical programming capability as well as the performance of ADLINK's frame grabbers.
    * National Instruments and LabVIEW are trademarks of National Instrument, Inc.