The stationary devices of the MotionBLITZ® LTR family allow insights in processes which cannot be captured as detailed and continuously with any other technology than long time recording.

With its high frame rates and continuous recording, the long time recorder offers ideal requirements for analysis and optimization of fast moving processes.

The pictures of the camera of the long time recorder are directly stored in real time to a ring store hard disk system with a volume of up to 8 TB, thus omitting inconvenient download times. That way, long-term processes, whole series of tests and unexpected events or very fast successive single events can be completely recorded at full resolution and speed with a recording time of up to 220 minutes.

According to the requirements, the hard disk space can be expended to up to 360 TB, so that up to seven days can be recorded continuously.

Complete systems consist of camera, framegrabber, tower PC and camera link cable.

Various long time recorders of the MotionBLITZ® LTR family for long time recording are available in order to meet the special requirements of our customers. For detailed information on technical characteristics and special features of the individual models please refer to the respective datasheets.

We gladly discuss the requested application with you and determine the appropriate devices.  Individual adjustments can be realized immediately and flexibly.