PC2-CamLink frame grabber is ideal for cost-sensitive applications. Compatible with one monochrome area or linescan Base Camera Link™ camera, the PC2-Camlink is a snap to interface to your vision system, thanks to the Camera Link standard and DALSA’s innovative visual status LED. When you connect the camera cable and external triggers, the PC2-CamLink’s bracket-mounted visual status LEDs provide an immediate visual indication that all signals are present and active. To further simplify setup, the PC2-Camlink provides direct power (5V or 12V) to your camera. The PC2-CamLink has been engineered within DALSA's exacting Trigger-to-Image Reliability technology framework to more reliably and efficiently control and monitor the entire image acquisition sequence.


Product IDOR-PC20-C0000
Camera Interface1 Base
Camera FormatBase
Pixel Clockup to 66 MHz
Bits/Pixelup to 16
Number of Camera Tapsup to 8 taps/8-bit
Host BusPCI-32
Frame Buffer8 MB FIFO
Advanced FeaturesILUTs
OS SupportXP Pro, Vista, 2000
SoftwareSapera, IFC (32-bit)