X64-CL iPro

The X64-CL iPro is a highly versatile PCI frame grabber capable of acquiring images from two independent Base or one Medium Camera Link™ cameras and performing image transfers at rates up to 528MB/s. Its low cost, combined with its ability to support multiple tap configurations from both area and linescan cameras simultaneously; in addition to its on-board FPGA based processing (including Bayer decoding and real-time shading correction) makes the X64-CL iPro an ideal solution to a wide variety cost-sensitive applications where flexibility, performance and reliability cannot be compromised. The X64-CL iPro has been engineered within DALSA's exacting Trigger-to-Image Reliability technology framework to more reliably and efficiently control and monitor the entire image acquisition sequence.


Product IDOR-64E0-IPRO0
Camera Interface2 Base or 1 Medium
Camera FormatBase or Medium
Pixel Clockup to 85 MHz
Number of Camera Taps2 x 3 taps/8-bit or 4 taps/8-bit
Host BusPCI-64/PCI-X 66
Frame Buffer32 MB
Advanced FeaturesILUTS, Flat field, Flat line, Dead pixel, Bayer
OS SupportWindows XP Pro, Vista, 2000, Linux RedHat 9.0, Mandrake 9.2, Fedora 4.0
SoftwareSapera LT 32 bit