Camera Link
FireBird is fitted with the 26 way 3M MDR connectors and screwlocks as specified in 
the Camera Link v2.0 specification.  LEDs by each connector show the link status.
Camera Clock: FireBird supports effective clock rates from DC to the Camera Link maximum of 
85MHz, using the Camera Link Strobe (STB) and Data Valid (DVAL) signals.
PoCL: FireBird supports Power over Camera Link (PoCL) functionality and is able to 
provide power to PoCL enabled cameras via the Camera Link data cable therefore 
removing the need for a separate power supply.  In addition to this the FireBird
implements SafePower, an intelligent sense mechanism which detects the presence 
of a PoCL camera before applying power to it.  This safety mechanism ensures that 
power is not applied to conventional non-PoCL cameras.
FireBird can supply up to 4W at a nominal 12V to a Base mode PoCL camera, or 
8W to Medium/Full/80 bit cameras, as required by the Camera Link specification.  
Both Camera Link connectors support PoCL, which with SafePower allows the use 
of any combination of PoCL and conventional cameras.
Buffer Memory: 512 Mbytes of DDR3 memory is fitted for buffering between the CoaXPress interface 
and the PCI Express bus.
PCI Express: 8 lane Gen2 interface to support up to 40 Gbps transfer from FireBird to the PC.
I/O: The following I/O lines are provided for triggers, shaft encoders, exposure control 
and general I/O:
• 4 opto-isolated inputs.
• 4 opto-isolated outputs.
• 4 TTL inputs, 5V tolerant.
• 4 TTL outputs, 5V logic.
• 4 RS-422 inputs.
• 4 RS-422 outputs.
All these I/O signals are provided on a 50 way header on the FireBird board