Phoenix-1xCXP3 is a PCI Express board for the acquisition of digital data from cameras using the
innovative new CoaXPress specification, developed by a consortium including Active Silicon. CoaXPress
provides high speed image data, camera control and camera power all over a single coax cable. The
technology used by CoaXPress allows very long cable lengths to be used.
Phoenix-1xCXP3 also supports various camera tap formats, such as line interlaced - adjacent lines are
output simultaneously and line offset - lines are output from different parts of the CCD simultaneously.
ROI and sub-sampling controls are used to increase application processing speed by only storing the
required data. In addition the LUT functionality provides support for gamma correction, dynamic range
cropping and binary thresholding in real time. The DataMapper further reduces the load on the host
processor by mapping and packing the acquired data prior to transfer across the PCI bus. For example,
the acquired data can be mapped into a suitable format and transferred directly to the graphics display,
without the need for any host processing.
The PCI Express interface comprises intelligent scatter-gather hardware which reads its instructions direct
from memory without any host CPU intervention. This in turn controls the DMA engine, which transfers the
packed video data into any target memory which can be reached from the PCI Express bus. This can be
system memory, graphics memory, or even other devices on the same or other busses, such as DSP cards,