DVR Express® Core2 Camera Link

Supported Video Data Rate:

  • Up to 1620 MB/s

Video Storage Media:

  • Removable Drive Shuttle with up to (4)

IO Industries VidIO Drive Modules

(solid state media)

  • Up to 15TB capacity

Connection to Control Computer:

  • 6Gb/s eSATA (USB 3.0 adapter included)
  • Required for configuration and operation
  • Allows live video display, post-recording playback and video export to local storage

Recording Format:

  • Uncompressed (IO Industries file system)
  • Images or clips can be exported to common file types using control software (AVI, BMP, JPG, TIF, RAW, etc.), archived to backup format, or accessed via SDK

Control Software:

  • CoreView or Streams 7 (SDKs available)