Digital Frame Grabbers


  • Variable frame length acquisition
  • Supports infinite vertical length frame (8K pixels x infinite number of lines)
  • Shaft encoder with tick divider
  • Facilitates installation by providing visual status of the acquisition
  • Separate inputs for 2 optocoupled/TTL and 2 LVDS triggers
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X64-CL Full

  • Acquires images from one Base, Medium or Full Camera Link camera
  • Rapid image acquisition rates up to 680MB/s and high-speed image transfer to host memory at 528MB/s
  • Up to 2GB local frame buffer memory
  • Supports Camera Link operations up to 85MHz
  • Extended feature set supports non-Camera Link pixel/tap configurations
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X64-CL iPro

  • Acquisition from one Medium or simultaneously from two Base Camera Link cameras
  • FPGA based processing including Bayer decoding and shading correction
  • Supports acquisition from a wide range of cameras and formats
  • Trigger-to-Image Reliability ensures secure image capture
  • On-board quadrature shaftencoder input
  • Acquisition pixel clock rates up to 85MHz
  • Low-Cost/High Performance
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  • Single slot solution for up to 8 taps
  • Legacy support for area and line scan, monochrome and RGB digital cameras
  • Rapid image acquisition rates up to 680MB/s and image transfer to host memory at 528MB/s
  • Acquires images from 8, 10, 12 bit LVDS or RS-422 format digital cameras
  • Pixel clock up to 75 MHz
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