The Israeli Electronics and Semiconductor inspection industry is a leading industry in the world wide market.

For this industry the key features are: Wide Bandwidth (High resolution, High speed), which leads to the need of SHR cameras, super high-speed protocols and unique lighting technics. All this hardware needs to be supported by efficient image processing algorithms.

AsioVision is a major supplier for:

  • Super high-resolution area scan cameras.
  • Line scan cameras from the best manufactures in the market.
  • Unique, custom design lighting products.
  • Cameras in a wide range of wave length.
  • Cameras with unique sensor technologies like multi/hyper spectral sensors as well as polarization cameras.
  • Unique Image processing algorithms like:
    • Board, wafer and dye inspection algorithms with an accuracy better than 1 µm.
    • Surface inspection algorithms, and even objects with reflecting surfaces can be inspected, using the principle of deflectometry.
    • Completeness inspection high speed algorithms.