Factory automation today is a must! In order to survive in the current demanding industry there is no other way than to test the quality of the products, in real time during manufacturing. Without modern automation technology the economic production of all manner of goods would simply be impossible. For years, imaging and machine vision has been playing a more and more important role. Even though speed is getting faster and faster and In order to strengthen the competitiveness of companies, an inspection of 100% is needed.

The fact that products can be inspected optically prior to being finished, at an early stage in the production process allow timely detection of faults and rejection of faulty parts before they pass through the entire manufacturing process. This avoids unnecessary costs and increases economic efficiency.

Optical inspection and machine vision is where AsioVision gets into the picture.

AsioVision, can offer today to the industry widest range of machine vision components. AsioVision serves a tremendous variety of applications in industrial settings and helps hundreds of companies in the local industry to find competitive advantage to succeed in their own widely applications.  some of these applications are:

  • Flow detection – Flaw detection is perhaps the most fundamental machine vision task. Vital to quality control, machine vision allows manufacturers to find contamination, scratches, cracks, blemishes, discoloration, gaps, pits, etc.
  • Positioning – such as Precision Alignment Capabilities
  • Identification -Identification encompasses a range of machine vision applications that involve reading printed characters and decoding 1D or 2D symbols on products. For traceability of production parts, verification of product lots or grading of print codes, AsioVision Identification tools are designed for accurate results in the toughest of manufacturing environments.
  • Verification -This means verification of parts, assemblies and packaged goods.
  • Measurements – checking high-precision dimensional accuracy and geometrical tolerances.

And more…

For all of these tasks, AsioVision support in advising and supplying a huge range of cameras, acquisition hardware, lightings, optics and algorithms that together will build for you the Machine Vision application.