In the last few years the food industry is facing a huge automation revolution.

This is due to changes in the standards that this industry is going through. These Automation systems that are using vision technologies are targeted to take care on a few tasks such as:

  • Checking the quality of materials that are used in the industry.
  • Make sure the food is in appropriate quality, like, sugar level, salt level and presence of foreign objects.
  • While the tendency today is to use a low as possible reservation materials within the food, the quality of the package hence its sealing is a most important issue.
  • There is lots of information that needs to be marked on the packaging of the food. The presence of this information needs to be confirmed, according to new standards in this industry.
  • Also vision technology especially 3D can be a replacement to measuring volume and weight in production line. AsioVision is active in all the upper fields and we supplied already systems to all of them. The Vision Systems AsioVision already supplied to the food industry where based on:
  • Smart cameras and PC based vision systems.
  • Software packages for OCR application which are robust enough for this market (high speed and poor visibility)
  •  3D measurement systems.
  • Dedicated systems for sealing inspection.
  • Foreign objects detection systems And more.