AsioVision supports and supplies a wide range of products to Academic institutes, Research laboratories and startup companies in all R&D stages.

The large variety of vision sensors and cameras all over the electromagnetic spectrum, enable us to support almost every research and application comes by. One of the most important tasks in these R&D stages is the documentation of the data as it is – Raw data.

AsioVision is specialized in building Data Video Recording systems including synching of different types of data on time axis. For R&D we support in:

  • Variety of sensors in wide range of resolutions.
  • Variety of sensors in wide range of speeds.
  • Variety of sensors in wide range of Wave Length.
  • Radiometric cameras.
  • Hyper Spectral cameras.
  • Wide range of acquisition and data logging systems.
  • Scientific software for image processing, radiometric analyzing and hyper spectral research.