Thermal cameras are becoming more and more common for variety of applications and market fields. We offer portable cameras for electricians and building inspection, as well as laboratory , R&D, factory automation and defense. ASIO Vision are integrating thermal cameras for the following fields:


FLIR thermal imaging cameras are ideal for a wide range of automation applications when flexibility and unequaled performance are vital.

Electrical / Mechanical Inspection

Predictive Maintenance solutions, Electrical Constructors, Mechanical Inspection

Building Diagnostics

Variety of solutions for HVAC, Plumbing, Moisture, Energy Auditing, Water leak detection.

Gas Detection

Find industrial gases and chemical compounds faster and better with FLIR.

Science & Research Solutions

Researchers around the world are using FLIR cameras every day to solve challenges that are difficult by other means, or to improve on, or replace time consuming techniques like thermocouples. See for yourself how others are solving their research problems.


With active thermography, hidden defects in all manner of materials can be detected. Our NDT solutions are not only compact and user-friendly but also come with short measuring times and certain inspection results.