DragonFly המצלמה של Teledyne

Modular and Versatile  he Dragonfly S USB3 camera is designed to accelerate the inception stage of imaging application development which addresses the essential need of a modular, compact and lightweight camera for at scale manufacturing, volume based applications and multi camera systems. Compact and Lightweight Compact, lightweight design for handheld or embedded devices. Class B […]

האלפא של סוני

SONY ILX-LR1 The ILX-LR1 is a professional camera with a 61.0 effective megapixel, full-frame image sensor, interchangeable E-mount lenses, and full remote operation via the Sony Camera Remote SDK (Software Development Kit), designed specifically for industrial applications. Upgrade your drone pictures and videos with Sony’s advanced imaging technology. Transform your images with a 61.0 effective […]

לשיחת יעוץ

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