מצלמת 61M Pixel מבוססת גלאי Alpha Full Frame של Sony

 מצלמת 61M Pixel מבוססת גלאי Alpha Full Frame של Sony

Alpha LR1

The ILX-LR1 is an interchangeable lens professional camera with approx. 61.0 effective megapixels 35mm full-frame image sensor and is compatible with the Sony Camera Remote SDK. With an extremely high resolution and a lightweight, compact form factor, it is ideal for inspection, investigation, surveying and mapping proceeded by drone

High resolution sensor for detailed images and efficient coverage

High resolution, low noise and wide dynamic range  images enable reveal fine details like small scratches and cracks during inspection, investigation, surveying and mapping. With its 3fps continuous shooting capabilities, it allows for quick completion of shooting from high altitudes in a short amount of time. Compatibility with a wide range of E-mount lenses enables the selection of the most appropriate lens.

Lightweight and compact design, ideal for drone photography

It is designed to be the smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera with a 35mm full-frame image sensor in Sony's α camera history, while incorporating the necessary features for industrial applications


  • Full frame 61 Megapixel sensor (35.7 x 23.8 mm ) – Pixel Pitch 3.8 microns
  • In-house image sensor technology which provides high-quality image
  • Up to 8x more powerful BIONZ XR image processor
  • Backside-illuminated (BSI) Exmor R sensor enables :
  • – High quantum efficiency
    – Class leading ISO & Dynamic Range Performance
  • Accurate and broad subject recognition powered by the AI Processing Unit
  • 4K 50/60p movie recording, 4:2:2 10 bit, All-I
  • Mechanical Shutter
  • Electronic Shutter -> no noise & no vibration
  • Lightweight body 243g
  • SD card slot
  • Compact size  100.0 x 74.0 x 42.5 mm
  • Power requirement: DC-in 10 to 18V
  • Operating temperature 0° C – 40° C
  • Unlimited electronic shutter releases
  • Connectivity: USB 3.2 / HDMI type D / Wifi / Ethernet / Molex connector (Power/Focus/Trigger/Exposure out)
  • Screw holes: Available on 6 sieds

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